When do I need an Infectious Disease Specialist? Asheville Infectious Disease Consultants, P.A.    828.258.9635 An infectious disease (ID) specialist may be needed for a number of reasons including the following: o An infection is difficult to diagnose. o An infection is accompanied by a high fever. o An infection is not responding to treatment. o On-set of an illness following International Travel. o Some illnesses, such as HIV/AIDS, require regular care and treatment. Our ID specialists can assist with all of the above cases. Each physician has 9-10 years of education and training specializing in internal medicine and infectious diseases. All of our physicians are board certified, having passed rigorous certification examinations by the  American Board of Internal Medicine. Asheville Infectious Disease Consultants provide a variety of treatment methods. In addition to typical treatments such as oral or liquid antibiotics, we have an in- house infusion suite and offer home IV therapy. We have an Infusion RN on call 24 hours a day. We also may recommend a vaccination program for you and your family, which is offered through our subsidiary Travel Health of WNC. Our physicians see patients at all local Asheville area hospitals including Mission/St. Joseph Hospital and Margaret R. Pardee Hospital. We have an MD on call 24 hours a day. When visiting an infectious disease specialist, you can expect him or her to review your medical data such as blood work, cultures, and X-rays. Additional tests may be ordered to help determine the cause of the problem. Once the infection is identified, your ID specialist will recommend a treatment plan. Should you be referred to an ID specialist, please bring or ensure the availability of the following items at your first visit: All medical records related to your condition A list of all prescription and over-the-counter medications you take, including birth control A list of all herbal remedies you take A list of any allergies you may have If you are traveling abroad and are interested in pre-travel vaccination and infection prevention, contact Travel Health of WNC for a consultation. A subsidiary of Asheville infectious Disease Consultants, P.A., they offer immunization and vaccination.